We love drum'n'bass, ignorance & violence

Hardcore Familia born a decade ago, as an answer to the need to amalgamate artistic and musical interests and deviations,
in a place which few alternatives offers to provincial monotony.
Their perseverance and abnegation to Hip Hop at first, evolved then into underground,
allowed survival and growth of the collective, ranging its own artistic activities from djing to audio-video production,
analogical and digital photography, painting, aerography, digital art, industrial design in different fields,
handmade print, audio car and installations; all greatly defined by a bleak and “industrial” taste,
with great influences from biomechanoid art, dark-art, horror, sci-fi but of course from classical art too.
Hardcore Familia essence is the incessant countertrend research, through different techniques which join existent elements with new useful connections.
New and functional adequately illustrate the creative act substance:
a getting over in force rules (the new) to introduce a further and shared norm (the functional).
The two dimensions of the creative process are identifiable, a process which puts together disorder and order, paradox and method.
In the Dubstep/Drum’n’bass/Industrial musical field protagonist is RugeBoy (Cristian Ruggero)
with his new side project called “Jaberkwok” (RugeBoy&Undead)
followed by Hero (Davide Martini) as a vj.
We have been present at many parties of national weight, local radio programs and for one year on an USA web radio program.
Meanwhile the organization of d&b appointments goes on in some club around Italy,
like Fabbrika and Smallville, Ekidna, Pedro, Fucina Controvento,
as many collaborations with international djs and producers like Counterstrike, Derek, Misanthrop, Phace and Hallucinator.
About design Hero plans and performs graphics and illustrations for every use, from logos to placards, to company’s coordinate image,
including settings and customization of expositive and advertising areas,
helped and inspired in addition by his profession as a graphic designer in the fashion sphere for firms of international level,
which brought him to deepen his own experience in trends research and development, print techniques, embroidery and woven treatment.
Sten (Stefano Pento) is author and developer for most of our projects, 3D designer and audio-video producer;
he boasts collaborations with car firms for prototypes creation, with important interior decorators,
with singers and companies that rely on him for musical videos and TV commercials.
The greatest satisfaction with art comes from its most natural form, which allows the representation of emotions,
with Hero and his airbrush, acrylics and resins on props like canvas or objects of common use,
transforming and giving them a dark, decadent and biomechanoid look.
Giossa (Matteo Fontana) deals with techniques and buildings parts of our works,
expert in many fields like mechanics, electronics and above all, audio hi-fi development.